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Astro-Rink Low-Emissivity Ceiling Brochure


Astro-Rink Your First Choice In Low-Emissivity Ceilings


Completed Projects - Canada

Completed Projects - USA

Low-E Ceilings
Better Than Ever

By Robert Baljak

Exciting changes are taking place in the ice rink industry. New technologies are here and the low-emissivity ceiling world is no exception...

Minnesota Success Stories:
Energy Efficieny & Conservation Block Grant

Of all the energy-efficient improvements made to Elk River Ice Arena, the installation of a low-e ceiling in the Olympic-sized rink of the two-rink center was the most innovative...

Improving Efficiency In Ice Hockey Arenas
By Laurier Nichols, P.E.

The refrigeration load of an ice arena is a complex mix of radiation and convection. Studies show that the radiation has a major impact on the refrigeration load...

Low-Emissivity Ceiling Utility Analysis
By Michael Doucette

This document discusses the impacts of low-emissivity (low-e) barriers to radiation heat transfer in skating rinks. These impacts relate to heat transfer minimization that reduces the amount of refrigeration plant work done in the facility...

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