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Reflective insulation

The best low emissivity ceiling for your arena or curling club projects.

ASTRO-RINK low emissivity reflective insulation is an effective solution for lowering radiant heat transfer in arenas. It consists of two layers of bubble film with reinforced aluminum metalized films on both sides (MPET/Bubble/Bubble/MPET), creating trapped air spaces that provide excellent “R” values. It meets building codes for insulation in exposed applications and is also reinforced to prevent damage from flying objects, eliminating the need for protective netting. The key benefit of ASTRO-RINK is its reflective technology, which blocks up to 95% of radiant heat. By reducing the heat transfer to the ice surface, it significantly lowers energy costs.



  • Achieve an average 25% reduction in refrigeration costs per year

  • Block 95% of radiant heat emitted from the roof to the ice surface

  • Minimize condensation and dripping from your roof

  • Experience up to a 40% increase in light levels

  • Improve acoustics for a better arena experience.

Astro-Rink Technical Specifications

Screenshot 2023-04-25 134030.png
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